Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wow it has been a long time since I posted on the blog. So here is a quick update. Brent and Bradley are officially 7th graders and in Junior High and Miles, Marshall, and Madyson are officially 2nd graders. We are getting ready to move from Waxahachie and looking forward to moving closer to friends and out of Waxahachie. I am going to try and post to the blog at least once a week with new and exiciting things happening with the kids. Brent and Bradley have done awesome in band this year both getting all 1's in UIL competition and Bradley getting honorable mention for his clarinet solo. They also just did their last performance for band and it was great. Being a first year band they sounded awesome. They got all region at the last competion they had and at their awards ceremony next week are being Commended for making above a 90 on the Taks test in both math, and reading. I am one proud mom. They just keep amazing with thier awesome grades and talent. The little guys all did well in school this year as well making the A honor roll most of the year. And Marshall got to go on a field trip just for kids who had no marks in their folders all year, so he got to go to a Rangers game and was super excited about that. Madyson and Miles both did well in school as well and are all looking forward to moving. Hope everyone has a great memorial day.