Sunday, September 30, 2007

Poor Madyson!!

Saturday while I was fixing lunch and Andrew had gone to the grocery store I heard Madyson screaming she was bleeding. I took off runing towards the kids rooms when she meet me in the hallway with blood flowing from her upper arm. I did not stop to ask what had happened I just grabbed her and took of to the kitchen for some paper towels to apply pressure. Brent heard the garage go up so he ran out to get Andrew. Madyson kept saying Miles had cut her but I did not know with what until Andrew appeared with a pair of child's sccisor, like the ones they use at school. While trying to calm her down I looked at her and realized not only had he cut the poor baby's arm he had cut all her hair! YES, all her hair on the left side that is! I literally started screaming and crying at the same time. I realize it is only hair and it will grow back but she is my only girl and now has no hair. I can not even put a bow in it. After our trip to the ER for stitches, which turned out we just had to get glued back together, as Madyson says, with Dermabond Andrew took her to Cool Cuts 4 kids and told them to do whatever they could to even it up. Needless to say I could not go. I could not watch them cut the other half of her hair to match the nice butcher job Miles had done. When she came home they had put a little barrett in her hair and pulled a tiny bit up in a pony tail. Let's just hope it grows fast. Everytime I look at her poor hair I want to cry. But I am thankful that he did not hurt her worse. Where he cut her could have been really bad. So yes, I agree with Andrew it is only hair and it will grow back! I think what makes it so bad is that she sat their and let him do it!! And now she asks me if "Maca" can fix it! Maca is my friend who cuts my hair and Madyson's. I told her that she did not have anything to fix and that it just has to grow back.
Before the Infamous haircut!!
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Miles' version of what he Thought his sister should look like!!
Notice how there is very little hair on her left side!! He did not touch the right side! And Madyson did not cry until he cut her arm! So she is as guilty as him! She let him do it! And Marshall stood by and watched! So techniqually they are all guilty! Does that suprise you!!LOL!! We have the victim, the barber, and the guard!!
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What had to be done to even it up by the professionals!!
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At least we don't have to worry about her twisting her hair and pulling it out anymore! She doesn't have any to twist!! Just warning everyone now there will be no Christmas card pics this year unless her hair has grown back where I can at least make her look like a girl! Headbands here we come!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

They really do Love Each other

Tuesday morning before going to school Miles, Marshall, and Madyson decided to give each other hugs. It was so cute! I could not resist the photo opportunity. It is not the greatest picture but it is cute.

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Notice Madyson is smiling! No more mug shots for her!!LOL!!
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Everyone had well checks on Wednesday and they are all doing well. Here are their Stats:

Madyson is 25lbs. and 36 inches tall

Marshall is 28lbs. and 36 inches tall

Miles is 32 lbs. and 39 inches tall

Bradley is 53lbs. and 48 inches tall

Brent is 50lbs. and 48 inches tall

Bradley and Brent are not going to be tall, no surprise there. If they continue at the same growth rate they will be 5'6" and 140lbs. At the rate Marshall has been growing he will be 5'4" and Madyson will be 5' and 100lbs. She did not mention Miles, but to say he was in the average range on the charts and is not going to be short. Bradley and Brent are already experiencing being short. At Awana's last week they were the smallest on their teams, and got a little upset. But they showed them they did very well in their races.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Life is Never Dull

As you can all imagine we never have a dull moment around this house. This week as seen many days of adventure!!LOL!! Besides Bradley and Brent getting into trouble on Monday, Madyson decided to play beauty shop while I was at the doctor and poor Aunt Dana was watching everyone along with her own child. Dana ask where Madyson what she was doing and she did not answer, so as Dana was rounding the corner to my bathroom she heard something drop on the floor. It was pretty obvious what had been dropped on the floor as Madyson rounded the corner. Now if we move her hair just right we can cover up the majority of the mess. When Dana called me I ask her if she was sure. She told me that Madyson said I had cut her hair. Dana said there was no way I had done this. I did not see Madyson hair until that afternoon when she got off the bus. I honestly thought I was going to cry. We had waited so long to get hair and now she has done this. But it could have been worse, she could have cut her pony tail off.
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This is what it looks like when we play around and swoop her bangs!!
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On Thursday Miles decided he needed some tatoos!! This is what it looks like after a bath and being scrubbed with rubbing alchol!!
Miles Stomach!
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Miles Hand
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And Finally, Bradley is wishing for his 2 front teeth for Christmas. He lost the first top one 2 weeks ago while eating spaghetti. Yes, it needed to come out long before the spaghetti. The second one came out yesterday at school. He would not let me pull it out but he would let the nurse at school do it!! Go figure!
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Birthday Pics and more news!!

As promised here are birthday pics! And as Glen so nicely noted Bradley and Brent joined the in school suspenion gain on Monday. I got a call Monday morning that they had gotten into a fight with each other. I guess I should be thankful it was with each other and not them gaining up on another child but none the less I was very disappointed in them. They got all their work done as they so politely told me when they came to the car Monday afternoon, trying to act like nothing was wrong. I quickly let them know that I knew what had happened and that we would talk about it when we got home. It was yet another "first" around this house. It seems we have those pretty often. Of course, everything always happens when Andrew is on the road. So I got to deal with this one by myself. Thanks Glen for reminding me!!LOL!! In other news that I forgot to mention, Madyson started dance on August 27. She goes for 1 hour and does tap, ballet, and tumbling. She loves her class and will be having performances when it gets closer to Christmas. I will make sure I tape them so everyone can see.

the Cakes that Glen made for us. THANK YOU Glen!

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Madyson's Cake

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Miles and Marshall's Cake

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Baseball Cake

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Bradley's Soccer Cake

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Madyson and Cinderella

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Marshall and Lighting Mcqueen

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Miles and Lightning Mcqueen

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The Whole Crew
Back Row: Andrew,
Madyson, Cinderella, Deanna, Marshall, Miles
Front Row: Bradley,

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Miles, Madyson, and Marshall

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Brent and Bradley at their

We have a blog!!

Well we offically have a blog. Last year when I started the website everyone was very excited but with life being crazy as usually running two websites, going to school, and taking care of the kids something had to go. So the website for the family got the ax. Now we have joined the world of blogging. To update everyone on what has been going on around the Turner house I am going to just recap the past few months and then I will start updating regularly so everyone can keep up with us! That might be hard to do!!LOL!! On August 12, Miles, Marshall, and Madyson celebrated thier 4th birthday. Madyson had a Cinderella party, and even had a visit from Cinderella. Miles and Marshall had a Lighting McQueen party and enjoyed their stand up poster of Lighting McQueen. Pics are too come. Andrew and I also celebrated our 12th Anniversary on the 12th. Then on the 17th Bradley and Brent turned 8, they informed me that they where 1/2 to driving. That is truly a scary thought. They had their party at putt-putt with their friends and had a great time. I can wait to show you all of their cakes. Glen "aka Uncle Glen, as the kids call him" made all of their cakes and did a great job as usually.
School started on August 27 for all 5 and they are all enjoying school. Bradley and Brent are in the 3rd grade and are loving both of their teachers. Miles, Marshall, and Madyson are in the PPCD program through the school district and they also get to go to Pre-K part of the time their are in school. They go 1/2 a day and they get to ride a bus since they don't get to go to the school that is across the street from us. They really like riding the bus and love to wait for it everyone morning. I was a little nervous at first but once I meet the drivers that helped ease my mind. It was very hard to put my "babies" on a bus for someone else to drive but I did not have a choose since I can not be at two schools at the same time.
Andrew is still traveling with his job. He is actually in Alaska this week. The temperature is in the 30's! I told him to enjoy the cold becuase it is hot and humid at home.
I went back to school in January. I take online classes through the University of Phoenix and I am majoring in Human Services/Management. I am really enjoying my classes even though they are harder than classes taken on campus. My classes run 5 weeks so it is like taking summer classes all year long. I am actually finishing up a class right now and then will have a week off before my next class starts. I don't know how but I have managed to maintain an "A" average which I am really proud of. That is not easy to do with 5 kids that you are mostly a single parent to during the week. I think that pretty much catches us up to the present. I promise I will do a better job at updated the blog than I did the website.