Saturday, August 30, 2008

5 Year Well Checks

WOW! Time has gone by fast. Yesterday we had our 5 year old well check appointments. 5 years ago we where all still in the hospital facing another 4 weeks before the boys came home and other 7 weeks before Ms. Priss decided to finally join us.

Let's start with Madyson.

At birth she weighed 1lb. 14 oz. and was 12 1/2 inches long. So imagine a ruler and she was a 1/2 inch longer than the ruler. That is small, you could hold her in your hand and when you looked at her compared to her daddy's hand she just seemed so tiny. Her hands where small but she had what seemed to be long skinny legs. All though she may still seem small she is actually not the smallest in her class!! Can you believe that? We are finally not the smallest. Ok her goes her stats as of yesterday. She finally weighs 30lbs. YIPEE!! We have waited for that moment for a LONG time. She is 39" tall and if she continues to grow on the current curve she is on she will be 5 feet tall and 100 lbs. Can you say PETITE!! And here is even BIGGER NEWS!! SHE IS FINALLY ON THE GROWTH CHART!!! YIPEE!! For 5 years she has not been on the growth chart and FINALLY we hit a milestone! Ok enough of my enthusiasm. But I am one happy mom. Finally she passed her eye and hearing test with flying colors. One funny note, while doing the hearing test Nurse Marsha told her to raise her hand every time she heard the beep. After the third time, Nurse Marsha ask her if she heard it again and Madyson looked at her and said " I have alread done it three times" We both just started laughing and her hearing test came to an end. She is such a prissy thing. Even her teacher told me that yesterday. Andrew says I have created a monster. I say I have created the Prissiest Girl ever!! She likes anything that has to with girls, especially Prissy girls!! Madyson will also be seeing a therapist because she is pulling her hair out. Yes, she has pulled all of it out from the back and is working on the front. Before long she will be completely hairless. She is big time into covering it up and wants to wear hats every where we go. Thus the increased focus on hats and other accessories.

Now onto Miles!!

At birth, he weighed 2lbs. 14oz. and was 14 1/2 inches long. He was the longest and weighed the most. And has been that way every since birth. He is going to be on tall kiddo. The doctor told me yesterday that if he where to stop climbing on the growth chart, which is not going to happen, he would be at least 5' 10" tall when he stops growing. But over the past year he has made some leaps and bounds on the growth chart and has made it to the 50th percentile for height. Now I know that may not be much to some of you. But I have never had a child in the 50th percentile for height. So I was SUPER excited. I knew he was getting tall but I had no idea he had grown so much over the last year. He went from the 30th percentile to the 50th. Ok so here are his stats. He officially weighs 36lbs. and is 42 1/2 inches tall. He did not pass his eye test so we will be seeing the eye doctor sooner rather than later. We still see the eye doctor once a year for being preemies and we are scheduled to see him in October but we will be seeing him in September now. I will let you know how that goes.

Before I move onto Marshall does anyone know what birth order I did??


Madyson was "baby D", Mckenzie "was Baby C", Miles was "baby B", and Marshall was "baby A". Everyone always thinks Miles was "baby A" because he is bigger, but no he was "b", I remember his birth by laughter from all the nurses and Dr. Tabor. Miles made sure his plumbing worked. And as I learned on Thursday afternoon his plumbing still works. You will ALL find this funny. I picked them up from school by parking the car on the street that goes to our house then walking to the school because I was running late and did not have time to get across the street and walk back. Anyway, after I picked them up we got in the van and came home. I was trying to unlock the door and I hear Bradley and Brent laughing and yelling at me to turn around. I turned around to find Miles and Marshall water my grass with their "PLUMBING" Miles had his pants dropped to his ankles while Marshall just had it pulled out. To make matters worse they were not facing the house they were both facing the street so that anyone who drove by could see them. I was so embarrassed. I am sure my face was blood red. But as my doctor said yesterday "BOYS WILL BE BOYS" And I have 4 so I should be blessed that I have never seem Brent and Bradley do it. I am sure they have just not in front of me.

And Finally Marshall!!

He weighed 2lbs 10 oz. at birth and was 14 inches long. We always called him "our little old man" because he still had a ton of soft white hair all over his body. He did not liked to be messed with. I remember nurse Courtney always suctioning Marshall out while he was on the C-Pap. I would come in to that boy screaming at the top of his little lungs. And yes, he could scream loud. Nothing compared to his sisters whom you could hear all over the NICU, but he still had a loud cry. Marshall is not going to be much taller than Madyson. POOR BOY! Boys are not suppose to be this small if he continues on the same growth pattern he will be 5'5" and 125lbs. Now he has falling slightly off the growth curve so our doctor wants him to see the endocrinologist again and make sure nothing is going on. Madyson already seems him so he is just going to go when Mady goes in a few weeks. She thinks he may want to put him on growth hormones as well. If so it is no biggie. We already have Madyson on them and look what it has done for her. Marshall weighs 32lbs. and is 39 1/4 inches. Maybe next year he will be able to ride all the water slides. Miles is the only one who currently can and he loves it. He rides everyone of the slides and laughs all the way down. That doesn't surprise me since he has that dare devil look in his eyes. Madyson and Marshall love the kiddie area but are scared to go down in other slides. That again is not surprise they have always been that way. Besides going to the endocrinologist Marshall is in excellent condition and had no other problems.

Brent and Bradley go for their 9 year well checks next Friday so I will update you all then on their check ups. Have a good weekend!!

We Made it Through the First Week of School!!

Our first week of school is over and we all made it!!! Including Mom and Dad!! The afternoons after school proved to be hectic. They all came home HYPER you would have thought they had eaten a ton of sugar. But by about 7 the little ones went to sleep without any problems. This is what they looked like at night!! Oh how we love these moments. Nice and quiet and everyone fast asleep!!


Marshall is on the left and Miles is the one with his bottom up in the air! As far as their sheets. Well Marshall decided he needed to pull them off instead of sleep on them. And I was not waking them up to put the sheets back on.

After seeing the boys fast asleep and so cute.I decided to try and sneek into the princesses room and see what I saw. Now opening up her door you have to be very careful because she wakes up to the slightest sound.


What a sweet little angel! She had put this hat on sometime after I put her to bed.

And this is what happened when the flash went off!!


Little stinker!!

Madyson's first day of dance. She would not let me take her picture without having my sunglasses on so here you go!! She also got a new dance bag that I made for her out of some ballerina fabric I had left over she was super excited because she got a new bag and new tap and ballet shoes.


The little guys have a color chart system for behavior. Green means they have been good all day. We have a deal, bribe whatever you want to call it, with Miles, Marshall and Madyson. If they come home with a green on their folder everyday for the next six weeks Miles and Marshall are going to get more pieces to thier Geo Trax system and Madyson is going to get a new hat(she is into accesorizing right now)LOL!! As far as Brent and Bradley if they do well the first six weeks of school on their report cards they will get to buy a new game for thier PSP2, which they bought with their money they got for thier birthday. They are smart boys! They put all their money together ,and even tried to get the little ones to go in on it, so they could get a PSP2 and the guitar hero game. Andrew and I pitched in a little so they could get both. So now I hear a guitar being played all the time. They are bot very good at it, and have told me I suck at it. Which I do but I don't want to hear my 9 year old tell me that so we had a talk about telling people they suck.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5 Little Ducklings!! I mean 5 little Turners!!

Well today while walking home from school with the kids, I had this vision of what we must look like coming across the cross walk. First off I am sure someone is looking at all of us and thinking she has twins and triplets. I always get that comment. Anyway, I looked at Bradley, Brent and Madyson who where in front of me and then Miles and Marshall where holding my hand and I just thought we must look like a mother duck with her ducklings crossing the street. Which reminding me of a song the kids like I think it is called 5 little ducklings or something like that. Another funny thing is how they call the kids when I get there to pick them up. I refuse to drive because it would take forever and the school is just behind our house so it makes more sense to walk plus it gives us all some exercise. What you have to do when you walk up to get them or drive is you have a sign with the kids name on it and the teacher name and grade. Well I got smart on that one I was not carrying 5 signs with me so I put all of them on one sign. Yesterday Mr. Skinner the assistant principal called them "The Turner Triplets" and "Turner Twins" and then rattled off their names and teachers. Now Madyson gave him a funny look and I though "oh no" she is going to say something to him about being a "quad" and not a triplet. But luckily we escaped that and she just walked on out to us. That is something we really have not talked about with them that people are going to call them triplets because they don't know or they just don't know what to call them. I just let people call them triplets because it is easier than trying to tell someone about Mckenzie or getting that I am sorry conversation going. Anyway, today when I went up he decided he was going to try and say all their names and teachers names, he gets an "A" because he rattled them off better then I can when I am trying to get their attention. Kuddos to him!! Now I just need to get his air horn to use at home. That is what would get their attention!!LOL!!

Today was also Madyson's first day back at dance. She was very excited. Last night at 5:30 I decided to try her shoes on her and found out the child had actually outgrown her tap and ballet shoes. Now that is a big deal for her because she can normally wear shoes for a while. She went from a 7 1/2 in tap to a 9. I about fell over. I will try and post a pic tomorrow of her in her "new" dance outfit that she just had to have. Andrew called me a sucker, but I know if he would have taken her she would have walked out of there with the leotard and the hair bun she was trying to get me to get her. I told her she could get that when she let her hair grown long. Our goal on that is to have longer hair by December so that when our Christmas dance performances come along she has enough hair to put in a bun and slicked back like all the other girls. We are working on it. Keep your fingers crossed that she stops pulling her hair out and starts letting it grow back. Well check appointments are Friday so I will definitely post that evening with our new stats. Madyson I think is finally taller than Marshall. They will never catch up to Miles! He just keeps getting taller and skinner every day. I think he is going to be the tallest of all 5 considering he comes up to Bradley and Brent's shoulders currently. That boy is just tall!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Well today was the first day of School. We hit two milestones today, Miles, Marshall and Madyson started their new adventure in Kindergarten, 3 classes and 3 different teachers. Madyson has Brent's Kindergarten teacher, who we also know from dance because both of her daughter's dance at the same dance school. Marshall and Miles both have great teachers also and they all three where excited to go to school. Brent and Bradley had a milestone their first day of their last year in Elementary school. Yes, next year they go to Intermediate school and apparently they will get to go to a new school that is being built down the street from my sister. We took the three little guys to class without any problems. No one cried Including Mommy!!! Now I almost did because Andrew was rushing me to get out of Marshall's class so I told him to BACK OFF before I started to cry. After that we where fine. After dropping the three little ones off we went to make sure Bradley and Brent made it to class OK. Of course, they where sitting at their desk doing work and like it was no big deal. I know next year they are just going to ask me to drop them off so I am preparing myself now for that change. Here are pics from the first day!! Enjoy!!


Miles, Madyson, and Marshall

And if you think you can ever get all 5 to look the same direction and all smile at the same time well that doesn't happen very often. So here you go!!


Marshall, Madyson, and Miles front left to right
Brent and Bradley

Our little "old man" Marshall, that is what we call him sometimes he has the mannerism of an older person. He is also known as Little Larry since he looks just like his pepaw. He is also our go with the flow, mostly mellow child!!


Miles our Eager Beaver and has to have everything lined up just like he wants. Yes he has some OCD!!


And Finally the "Drama Queen" and our "little princess", Madyson with her mommy!! You should now she was coloring a picture of a Raccoon, because they are going to read the story "The Kissing Hand" today. Well little Ms. who has to have everything pink was coloring her raccoon PINK!! I do hope we outgrow this stage, because currently everything we color has to be pink. And mostly everything we put on is pink. Most likely my fault because she is the only girl and had tons of pink stuff when she was a baby. But doesn't she look like a doll in her hat and pink giraffe dress made by "yours truly"


I am sure they will all be ready for bed early tonight. I know I was tired just trying to get everyone out the door and to the right classroom. Tommorrow we are going to all walk to school because the line to get to the school is crazy!! We are also walking home from school today. If we don't it will be 4:30 before we get out of the school parking lot and they get out at 3:15.

Monday, August 18, 2008

We are ready for Kindergarten

Today I took Miles, Marshall, and Madyson to have their pre-assessment for Kindergarten. All three teachers said there is not doubt they are ready to start school on Monday. They are all three very excited. Wednesday night we get to meet their teachers. Madyson is hoping she gets the same kindergarten teacher that Brent had, I am hoping for that as well. All of our kinder teachers are awesome but it would be nice to have a teacher that we have already had. Plus her girls dance at the same studio as Mady so she is use to prissy little girls!!LOL!! And boy do I have one of those. She has to take her purse every where we go and sometimes I have to take my matching purse because we have to match!LOL! The joy of having a prissy little girl. So many of you may be wondering about the hair loss on the back of Madyson's hair. Tomorrow we go see the dermatologist to see what is going on. Our pediatrician thinks it is either a fungal infection or something else medical. At first I thought one of the boys had cut her hair but more started falling out and it was not like it was when she pulled it out so we went to see our wonderful pediatrician and she got us in to see the dermatologist tomorrow morning. My wonderful friends online are sending us some hats to wear until her hair grows back. I will share pics when we get them. She gets to wear them to school so that will be good. At least we can cover up the bald spot on the back of her head that way. Everyone should be proud of me. I have been doing really good at blogging lately. Know I would not count on that staying up but for now I have done a good job. Look for first day pics next Monday.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday Bradley and Brent

Nine years ago this afternoon at 3:08pm Bradley Andrew made is way into this world. So at 3:08pm we all sang Happy Birthday to him and he jumped around like a crazy 9 year old!!LOL! Then at 5:28 pm 9 years ago Brent finally decided to arrive into this world via emergency c-section. He ask me why he has 2 hours younger than Bradley and not a minute apart like the little guys. I told him he was stubborn, and he looked at me and said I still am!! I could not argue with that statement. He has lived up to that name to this day. They love to look at thier baby books so we got them out and went through them and I pointed out special memories I had of each picture. My favorite pictures was when they tried new food, they were amazed that they actually ate those foods because they will not touch most of it to this day. Unfourtanetly we did not get to go anywhere becuase Marshall and Madyson where both sick but we are planning to go swimming on Tuesday evening with Andrew's parents. The boys did not seem to mind they got to pick what they wanted for lunch and dinner and Brent actually fixed his favorite for dinner Macaroni and Cheese. He had no help and it did not taste bad at all. I can officially say they are pre-teens. That is just scary!!! And for the first time in his life Bradley weighs more than Brent by about 5lbs. Bradley thinks that is pretty cool. Happy Birthday Boys!! I can not believe how big you have gotten since the first time I held you both in my arms weighing in at 5lbs. and 5lbs. 12oz. WE love you and hope you had a great day!!

Mom and Dad

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Remembering Mckenzie Paige

If you look over to the right I found this awesome ticker that you can use as a memorial for a child that you have lost. I saw that and knew I had to place it on our blog. The kids birthday is always hard but the anniversary coming up is even harder. There is not a day that goes by that we don't remember her and as Madyson has gotten older she has started asking more about her sister. So I thought it only fitting to put that on our blog as a memory of Mckenzie. I hope it does not offend anyone but she is still very much apart of our lives even though she is not hear with us,and will always be apart of our lives, nothing will ever change that. We see her in Madyson every day. As Bradley and Brent told us when they where younger. Since God needed Mckenzie he gave us Madyson so that we would always know what she would look like and act like.
That reminds me of a story when the boys where about 5. It was raining outside and we had gone to the store but I decided to stay in the car with the kids and let Andrew run in so we did not all get wet. The little ones had to be about 1. Anyway, out of the blue Brent pipes up and says "That is not fair" I turned around and looked at him and ask him what was not fair. He told me that God was letting "kenzie" (that is what they called her when she was born) play with the water hose in Heaven. I just died laughing. To this day when it rains they all 5 tell me Mckenzie is in Heaven playing with the water hose. It is amazing how kids can put things into a different prospective. As we approach the 5 year anniversary of her death I find myself remember little things that either the boys have said or I remember about her. So today I am going to leave you with a sweet poem my friend Brandy wrote for me not too long after we met. Brandy and I met the week after Mckenzie died and a few days after her triplets where born. We had a special bond from that day forward because she remembered me as the girl who thought she was having triplets and found out a few weeks before she delivered that "SURPRISE" you are having QUADS!! That year Brandy also made me rice babies that where the exact weight as my babies when they where born. That was the best gift I have ever received. Brandy thank you for the poem and the babies. I will always cherish them.

Our Little Angel

God gave us an Angel
Sent from up above
He knew we would wrap her up
In all of our love.

Mckenzie Paige was her name
And although she was small
At 2lb 1.8 oz and
12 ¾ inches tall.

In the hospital she laid
And everything was fine
We thought all was well
Until that dreadful time.

In one single phone call
Our life got turned upside down
We felt like all was lost
But we knew you were heaven bound.

Mckenzie Paige is our angels name
We miss her forever
And would like her to know
One day in heaven we will be together.

To Deanna, Andrew, Bradley, Brent
Marshall, Miles and Madyson

With love from
Brandy, Lee, Levi,
John, Jacob and Alison
March 16, 2004

Memory Blog

Ok, lets play a game! My good friend Jamie is doing this on her blog so lets have some fun!! Now before we start I must tell certain people, and you know who you are, to be nice!!LOL!

I visited a friends blog and she had this one hers and since I left a memory of her, I had to follow the instructions.

1. Add a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

It's actually pretty funny to see the responses.

If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Birthday Pics from Hawaiian Falls

Saturday we spent the day at Hawaiian Falls in Mansfield celebrating all 5 kiddos birthdays. They had a blast. Miles was tall enough to ride all the rides and was not scared of a single one. He has always been my dare devil!! The other two little guys enjoyed the wave pool and the kiddie area with their friends John, Jacob, and Alison who will be turning 5 in a few weeks. Bradley and Brent took off with their friends and we very rarely saw them except for when they where to check in with us. I am glad they all had a great time. On Tuesday we celebrating the little ones actual birthday and they opened more presents from us and their grandparents. Yesterday they went and spent the gift cards they received. Now they are pretty smart about gift cards. They know that if they put them together they get a much better gift. So all the way to Walmart Brent was trying to convince the three little ones to put their gift cards with Brent and Bradley's so they could get a Nintendo WII I quickly axed that since I knew they would not share that with the little ones. So instead they bought a PSP 2 and got the guitar and a game to go along with it. They are having a blast with it and I was very impressed that they worked together to get something they really wanted. Madyson decided on a doll, no surprise there and the little boys got pieces to go with their Geo track train set. They are really into building things and they received Lincoln logs from Glen and they are building things like crazy. It is so fun to see how much they have matured just over the past few months. Anyway as promised here are some pics from their party. I will share more when I get them from my mother in law. Enjoy!!

Everyone, of course, wanted a different theme so here we go!!

Madyson had a Strawberry Shortcake party with a cute cake made of course by our famous "Uncle Glen" he is not really their uncle but that is what they call him. They love Uncle Glen's cakes and always put their order in about 6 months before their party if not sooner. He makes AWESOME CAKES!! Thanks GLEN! I know it is a lot of work decorating them. It was a lot of work just baking them all!!


Miles and Marshall wanted a Monkey cake to go with their monkey surfing theme room!! Look how cute this turned out!!


And Brent and Bradley wanted a surfing theme. We just redid their room in a surfing theme now they want to go surfing. I told them to keep dreaming no where around here to do that!!

Thank you Glen for decorating the cakes!!! As always they turned out really cute!! Glen decorated all 4 of the cakes with a messed up rotary cuff. He is truly a good friend and really loves those kids to do this for them. So a Big Thanks to him!!

Here are just some random pics!! The first is of one of my dearest friends that I met scrubbing into the NICU the week after Mckenzie died. Her babies were just a few days old when we met. Our kids are best friends and love to play together and play very well together. It is nice to have a friend that has kids the same age that do the same things we do. In the background you see my dad. He decided it was safer outside of the cabana than in the cabana with presents and paper flying everywhere.




Andrew was in charge of the camera and he did not get a picture of Madyson with her cake I am getting pictures from my mother in law tomorrow so I am sure she has one that I can post. I have posted more pictures on my facebook album so if you are a Friend on facebook head over there to look at them, if you are not email me and I will send you a invite. Have a nice evening. Tomorrow my big boys turn 9 can you believe that!! They are going into the 4th grade. I will have to go find some baby pics to post of them for old time sake. So check back I might have them done tomorrow if not hopefully Monday.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Marshall, Miles, and Madyson

Well today is the big day!! Marshall, Miles, and Madyson turn 5 tonight. It is hard to believe that this time 5 years ago I was doped on on Demerol and phenergan trying to stop contractions while Andrew smelled of Railhead BBQ. I might have been doped up but I know the smell of BBQ!!LOL!! We are having a family birthday party tonight so I will share pics from it as well as the party on Saturday later tonight.
It is also hard to believe that exactly 13 years ago at 2:00pm Andrew and I were married. It is hard to believe we have been married for 13 years. And have 5 beautiful children. More to come later. I have to wrap presents.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Boys Go to Church Camp

This was the first year the boys were old enough to go to church camp and stay the night. Monday morning they where both excited and nervous but that tone quickly changed when they saw the charter bus they got to ride on to camp. They did not call home once and being this was the first time away from home without being with someone in our family I was very surprised. Wednesday night I got a call from my sister saying she had received a text message from one of the counselors and that the boys where having a blast. They got up everyone morning before everyone else and headed out to go fishing before breakfast. And every chance they had they where either fishing, canoeing, or kayaking. Friday when the bus arrived back to the church ever counselor told me they where a joy to be around and that the kept them laughing. They apparently have stories to tell of the Turner twins for years!! Brent had Bradley convinced that fish liked Oreo Cookies. So they got an empty bottle smash up oreos in it and where going to cath minnows with it. That is what one of the counselors told me. They also learned the art of selling candy. All the kids apparently where selling their candy but my boys were making profits off of selling gummy bears!! Those are just a few of the stories I have heard. Besides the fact they both caught frogs and thought they were bringing them home. When Mr. Brandon told them to let them gently go back in the water he turned around and one of the boys was pitching the poor frog in the air back into the water. That's my boys!! Now being their first time to go to camp I really did not expect to see many of their clothes return home. But to my surprise they did, and I have had to wash them 2-3 times to get the smell of I don't know what out of them. I have seriously thought about tossing them or burning them. And just think I have three more that in 3 years will be able to go to camp. That should scare all of us!!LOL!! When I get their pictures developed I will share them with you. If there are any that are good. Their is no telling what they took pictures off. That in itself scares me!! I am just glad they had a great time on thier first official trip away from home.

Where has the Summer Gone!

Sorry it has been a while since I posted. As normal we have had a busy and crazy summer. We have been remodeling the upstairs since the great bathroom flood in May so that has kept us busy along with the kids. Five years ago today I was in the hospital waiting delivery of the quads. This was the day I talked poor Dr. Tabor into letting me go home as long as I promised to stay in bed and stay on my monitor. Since it was just a few days before Brent and Bradley's Birthday. I bet he never let's another woman convince him to let her go home when she is 28 weeks pregnant with quads. The next day prove to be an adventure with me being sick as a dog all day and having awful back pains. But the monitor only showed irratibility so I did not have to go back to the hospital. By the morning of the 12th things where very different I was on my way to his office and was told I was going nowhere unti those 4 babies where born. I remember sitting in his office trying to convince him to take 20 week quads becuase I was so HUGE and miserable (refer to the picture in a previous post) Well he admitted me and much to his dismay he delivered 4 babies later that night. Marshall was born first at 8:40pm weighing 2lbs. 10oz. 14 inches long, then came Miles, he made a grand entrance showing everyone that his bladder worked just fine and even got to squirt Dr. Tabor. He was born at 8:41 weighing 2lbs. 14oz. 14 1/2 inches long. Then was our first precious girl Mckenzie born at 8:42 weighing in at 21bs. 1oz 12 1/2 inches long. Then came the our final baby girl Madyson the smallest weighing 1lb 14.7 oz and was 12 inches long. Madyson was so small that the preemie pacifiers they had where to big so my dad bought her a special preemie pacifer from the gift shop. Today has brought back many memories of the two days to come. We had all of their parties yesterday at Hawiian Falls and they all had a blast. I will share pics when I have a chance to upload them. We will be having a family party of Tuesday for the big 5 year olds, as they tell me, and Andrew and I will also be celebrating our 13 year anniversary. I don't know which is scarier the fact that my babies are not babies anymore and are going to start kindgergarten or the fact that we have been married 13 years!!