Thursday, September 13, 2007

We have a blog!!

Well we offically have a blog. Last year when I started the website everyone was very excited but with life being crazy as usually running two websites, going to school, and taking care of the kids something had to go. So the website for the family got the ax. Now we have joined the world of blogging. To update everyone on what has been going on around the Turner house I am going to just recap the past few months and then I will start updating regularly so everyone can keep up with us! That might be hard to do!!LOL!! On August 12, Miles, Marshall, and Madyson celebrated thier 4th birthday. Madyson had a Cinderella party, and even had a visit from Cinderella. Miles and Marshall had a Lighting McQueen party and enjoyed their stand up poster of Lighting McQueen. Pics are too come. Andrew and I also celebrated our 12th Anniversary on the 12th. Then on the 17th Bradley and Brent turned 8, they informed me that they where 1/2 to driving. That is truly a scary thought. They had their party at putt-putt with their friends and had a great time. I can wait to show you all of their cakes. Glen "aka Uncle Glen, as the kids call him" made all of their cakes and did a great job as usually.
School started on August 27 for all 5 and they are all enjoying school. Bradley and Brent are in the 3rd grade and are loving both of their teachers. Miles, Marshall, and Madyson are in the PPCD program through the school district and they also get to go to Pre-K part of the time their are in school. They go 1/2 a day and they get to ride a bus since they don't get to go to the school that is across the street from us. They really like riding the bus and love to wait for it everyone morning. I was a little nervous at first but once I meet the drivers that helped ease my mind. It was very hard to put my "babies" on a bus for someone else to drive but I did not have a choose since I can not be at two schools at the same time.
Andrew is still traveling with his job. He is actually in Alaska this week. The temperature is in the 30's! I told him to enjoy the cold becuase it is hot and humid at home.
I went back to school in January. I take online classes through the University of Phoenix and I am majoring in Human Services/Management. I am really enjoying my classes even though they are harder than classes taken on campus. My classes run 5 weeks so it is like taking summer classes all year long. I am actually finishing up a class right now and then will have a week off before my next class starts. I don't know how but I have managed to maintain an "A" average which I am really proud of. That is not easy to do with 5 kids that you are mostly a single parent to during the week. I think that pretty much catches us up to the present. I promise I will do a better job at updated the blog than I did the website.


Jamie's Crew said...

Hey Deanna! Great job! Blogspot is really easy to use! It just takes 5-10 minutes to post and add pictures. Anyway, I will link your site to mine if that is okay!
Take care!

glenhoover said...

Why didn't you tell everybody you're kids joined the ranks of in school suspension like my kids?

"Raising" is a Southern term. said...

Love that I can catch up with your sweet family again! Thanks for doing this blog.


Jerri said...

I must be behind the times! Give those kiddos hugs and kisses from me. Oh we need to play dress-up with the cross guard outfit so they (& me too) can have a pic for their scrapbook. I miss all of you.
Love, Jerri

Ava's Mommy said...

What a beautiful Family you have!!! I am so excited to see pictures of the kids. -Andrea