Wednesday, September 26, 2007

They really do Love Each other

Tuesday morning before going to school Miles, Marshall, and Madyson decided to give each other hugs. It was so cute! I could not resist the photo opportunity. It is not the greatest picture but it is cute.

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Notice Madyson is smiling! No more mug shots for her!!LOL!!
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Everyone had well checks on Wednesday and they are all doing well. Here are their Stats:

Madyson is 25lbs. and 36 inches tall

Marshall is 28lbs. and 36 inches tall

Miles is 32 lbs. and 39 inches tall

Bradley is 53lbs. and 48 inches tall

Brent is 50lbs. and 48 inches tall

Bradley and Brent are not going to be tall, no surprise there. If they continue at the same growth rate they will be 5'6" and 140lbs. At the rate Marshall has been growing he will be 5'4" and Madyson will be 5' and 100lbs. She did not mention Miles, but to say he was in the average range on the charts and is not going to be short. Bradley and Brent are already experiencing being short. At Awana's last week they were the smallest on their teams, and got a little upset. But they showed them they did very well in their races.

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