Saturday, August 16, 2008

Remembering Mckenzie Paige

If you look over to the right I found this awesome ticker that you can use as a memorial for a child that you have lost. I saw that and knew I had to place it on our blog. The kids birthday is always hard but the anniversary coming up is even harder. There is not a day that goes by that we don't remember her and as Madyson has gotten older she has started asking more about her sister. So I thought it only fitting to put that on our blog as a memory of Mckenzie. I hope it does not offend anyone but she is still very much apart of our lives even though she is not hear with us,and will always be apart of our lives, nothing will ever change that. We see her in Madyson every day. As Bradley and Brent told us when they where younger. Since God needed Mckenzie he gave us Madyson so that we would always know what she would look like and act like.
That reminds me of a story when the boys where about 5. It was raining outside and we had gone to the store but I decided to stay in the car with the kids and let Andrew run in so we did not all get wet. The little ones had to be about 1. Anyway, out of the blue Brent pipes up and says "That is not fair" I turned around and looked at him and ask him what was not fair. He told me that God was letting "kenzie" (that is what they called her when she was born) play with the water hose in Heaven. I just died laughing. To this day when it rains they all 5 tell me Mckenzie is in Heaven playing with the water hose. It is amazing how kids can put things into a different prospective. As we approach the 5 year anniversary of her death I find myself remember little things that either the boys have said or I remember about her. So today I am going to leave you with a sweet poem my friend Brandy wrote for me not too long after we met. Brandy and I met the week after Mckenzie died and a few days after her triplets where born. We had a special bond from that day forward because she remembered me as the girl who thought she was having triplets and found out a few weeks before she delivered that "SURPRISE" you are having QUADS!! That year Brandy also made me rice babies that where the exact weight as my babies when they where born. That was the best gift I have ever received. Brandy thank you for the poem and the babies. I will always cherish them.

Our Little Angel

God gave us an Angel
Sent from up above
He knew we would wrap her up
In all of our love.

Mckenzie Paige was her name
And although she was small
At 2lb 1.8 oz and
12 ¾ inches tall.

In the hospital she laid
And everything was fine
We thought all was well
Until that dreadful time.

In one single phone call
Our life got turned upside down
We felt like all was lost
But we knew you were heaven bound.

Mckenzie Paige is our angels name
We miss her forever
And would like her to know
One day in heaven we will be together.

To Deanna, Andrew, Bradley, Brent
Marshall, Miles and Madyson

With love from
Brandy, Lee, Levi,
John, Jacob and Alison
March 16, 2004

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