Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday Bradley and Brent

Nine years ago this afternoon at 3:08pm Bradley Andrew made is way into this world. So at 3:08pm we all sang Happy Birthday to him and he jumped around like a crazy 9 year old!!LOL! Then at 5:28 pm 9 years ago Brent finally decided to arrive into this world via emergency c-section. He ask me why he has 2 hours younger than Bradley and not a minute apart like the little guys. I told him he was stubborn, and he looked at me and said I still am!! I could not argue with that statement. He has lived up to that name to this day. They love to look at thier baby books so we got them out and went through them and I pointed out special memories I had of each picture. My favorite pictures was when they tried new food, they were amazed that they actually ate those foods because they will not touch most of it to this day. Unfourtanetly we did not get to go anywhere becuase Marshall and Madyson where both sick but we are planning to go swimming on Tuesday evening with Andrew's parents. The boys did not seem to mind they got to pick what they wanted for lunch and dinner and Brent actually fixed his favorite for dinner Macaroni and Cheese. He had no help and it did not taste bad at all. I can officially say they are pre-teens. That is just scary!!! And for the first time in his life Bradley weighs more than Brent by about 5lbs. Bradley thinks that is pretty cool. Happy Birthday Boys!! I can not believe how big you have gotten since the first time I held you both in my arms weighing in at 5lbs. and 5lbs. 12oz. WE love you and hope you had a great day!!

Mom and Dad

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