Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Crazy Life

Sorry I have not blogged in a while. Things have been a little crazy around here. The kids and I are moving right along with school and the little guys actually have thier first field trip this week. They are very excited. Brent and Bradley also have their first field trip it is with music to the see the 5th and 6th grade sympony at one of the middle schoools. Thier big trip to Bass Hall to see the Nutcracker will be coming up soon and Brent is very excited. He loves nutcrackers so he can not wait to see it. Madyson had a dance performance last week I will try to get pics posted one day this week. She was so cute up there doing her little dance. She loves to dance. This year is her dance studios "BIG" performance so they are gearing up for that. She will be in two numbers and have two costumes. Hopefully her hair will have grown back a lot by then. It is growing back so I am thankful for that. Well that is about all that is going on with the kids and I. We did all have a fun weekend away from home. They boys got to announce at a rodeo they went to with my aunt. When she told me it reminded me of when I was pregnant with the quads and I was standing in the baby department at Target and hear a little boy say "Attention, Attention, everyone listen" I thought to myself at that time that poor mom. Then my cell phone rang and the fear came across my face. That child was mine! It was Bradley!! After the day at the rodeo my Aunt took them to see a magic show where they got to help the magician they really enjoyed that. Miles and Marshall stayed with my sister and got to do some early trick or treating with Mason and had a blast. Abby and Madyson got a girl trip with me and Nana. They had fun and mom and I had a great show and fun seeing my cousins. As soon as I get pics from my mom I will upload them from the fall festival. I am also starting back into photography so look for my photography blog to be coming soon.


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