Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5 Little Ducklings!! I mean 5 little Turners!!

Well today while walking home from school with the kids, I had this vision of what we must look like coming across the cross walk. First off I am sure someone is looking at all of us and thinking she has twins and triplets. I always get that comment. Anyway, I looked at Bradley, Brent and Madyson who where in front of me and then Miles and Marshall where holding my hand and I just thought we must look like a mother duck with her ducklings crossing the street. Which reminding me of a song the kids like I think it is called 5 little ducklings or something like that. Another funny thing is how they call the kids when I get there to pick them up. I refuse to drive because it would take forever and the school is just behind our house so it makes more sense to walk plus it gives us all some exercise. What you have to do when you walk up to get them or drive is you have a sign with the kids name on it and the teacher name and grade. Well I got smart on that one I was not carrying 5 signs with me so I put all of them on one sign. Yesterday Mr. Skinner the assistant principal called them "The Turner Triplets" and "Turner Twins" and then rattled off their names and teachers. Now Madyson gave him a funny look and I though "oh no" she is going to say something to him about being a "quad" and not a triplet. But luckily we escaped that and she just walked on out to us. That is something we really have not talked about with them that people are going to call them triplets because they don't know or they just don't know what to call them. I just let people call them triplets because it is easier than trying to tell someone about Mckenzie or getting that I am sorry conversation going. Anyway, today when I went up he decided he was going to try and say all their names and teachers names, he gets an "A" because he rattled them off better then I can when I am trying to get their attention. Kuddos to him!! Now I just need to get his air horn to use at home. That is what would get their attention!!LOL!!

Today was also Madyson's first day back at dance. She was very excited. Last night at 5:30 I decided to try her shoes on her and found out the child had actually outgrown her tap and ballet shoes. Now that is a big deal for her because she can normally wear shoes for a while. She went from a 7 1/2 in tap to a 9. I about fell over. I will try and post a pic tomorrow of her in her "new" dance outfit that she just had to have. Andrew called me a sucker, but I know if he would have taken her she would have walked out of there with the leotard and the hair bun she was trying to get me to get her. I told her she could get that when she let her hair grown long. Our goal on that is to have longer hair by December so that when our Christmas dance performances come along she has enough hair to put in a bun and slicked back like all the other girls. We are working on it. Keep your fingers crossed that she stops pulling her hair out and starts letting it grow back. Well check appointments are Friday so I will definitely post that evening with our new stats. Madyson I think is finally taller than Marshall. They will never catch up to Miles! He just keeps getting taller and skinner every day. I think he is going to be the tallest of all 5 considering he comes up to Bradley and Brent's shoulders currently. That boy is just tall!!

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