Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Well today was the first day of School. We hit two milestones today, Miles, Marshall and Madyson started their new adventure in Kindergarten, 3 classes and 3 different teachers. Madyson has Brent's Kindergarten teacher, who we also know from dance because both of her daughter's dance at the same dance school. Marshall and Miles both have great teachers also and they all three where excited to go to school. Brent and Bradley had a milestone their first day of their last year in Elementary school. Yes, next year they go to Intermediate school and apparently they will get to go to a new school that is being built down the street from my sister. We took the three little guys to class without any problems. No one cried Including Mommy!!! Now I almost did because Andrew was rushing me to get out of Marshall's class so I told him to BACK OFF before I started to cry. After that we where fine. After dropping the three little ones off we went to make sure Bradley and Brent made it to class OK. Of course, they where sitting at their desk doing work and like it was no big deal. I know next year they are just going to ask me to drop them off so I am preparing myself now for that change. Here are pics from the first day!! Enjoy!!


Miles, Madyson, and Marshall

And if you think you can ever get all 5 to look the same direction and all smile at the same time well that doesn't happen very often. So here you go!!


Marshall, Madyson, and Miles front left to right
Brent and Bradley

Our little "old man" Marshall, that is what we call him sometimes he has the mannerism of an older person. He is also known as Little Larry since he looks just like his pepaw. He is also our go with the flow, mostly mellow child!!


Miles our Eager Beaver and has to have everything lined up just like he wants. Yes he has some OCD!!


And Finally the "Drama Queen" and our "little princess", Madyson with her mommy!! You should now she was coloring a picture of a Raccoon, because they are going to read the story "The Kissing Hand" today. Well little Ms. who has to have everything pink was coloring her raccoon PINK!! I do hope we outgrow this stage, because currently everything we color has to be pink. And mostly everything we put on is pink. Most likely my fault because she is the only girl and had tons of pink stuff when she was a baby. But doesn't she look like a doll in her hat and pink giraffe dress made by "yours truly"


I am sure they will all be ready for bed early tonight. I know I was tired just trying to get everyone out the door and to the right classroom. Tommorrow we are going to all walk to school because the line to get to the school is crazy!! We are also walking home from school today. If we don't it will be 4:30 before we get out of the school parking lot and they get out at 3:15.


Brandy said...

They are so cute. I cant believe that they are in Kindergarten. I remember them being babies and eating out of the Podee Bottles like it was yesterday. Oh to be able to Podee feed again, sometimes I wish I could. Talk to you later.


Is it always triple trouble??? said...

oh wow cant believe they are already in kindergarten wowowow
well good luck in the coming yr wow 5 teachers wow is all i can say to keep the teacher names stright is wk enough lol in it self

Deanna said...

Yes, I remember those days like it was yesterday. And I do sometimes wish I could just give them a bottle. And I thought it was a chore 5 years ago!! You can't believe they are in Kinder I can't believe they are either. Where has the time gone. They have grown up so fast. At least that is how it seems today.


Deanna said...

I do have 1 advantage, Madyson has the same teacher as Brent did in Kinder and her daughter has been in the boys classes over the past 5 years so I have her name down.