Saturday, August 30, 2008

5 Year Well Checks

WOW! Time has gone by fast. Yesterday we had our 5 year old well check appointments. 5 years ago we where all still in the hospital facing another 4 weeks before the boys came home and other 7 weeks before Ms. Priss decided to finally join us.

Let's start with Madyson.

At birth she weighed 1lb. 14 oz. and was 12 1/2 inches long. So imagine a ruler and she was a 1/2 inch longer than the ruler. That is small, you could hold her in your hand and when you looked at her compared to her daddy's hand she just seemed so tiny. Her hands where small but she had what seemed to be long skinny legs. All though she may still seem small she is actually not the smallest in her class!! Can you believe that? We are finally not the smallest. Ok her goes her stats as of yesterday. She finally weighs 30lbs. YIPEE!! We have waited for that moment for a LONG time. She is 39" tall and if she continues to grow on the current curve she is on she will be 5 feet tall and 100 lbs. Can you say PETITE!! And here is even BIGGER NEWS!! SHE IS FINALLY ON THE GROWTH CHART!!! YIPEE!! For 5 years she has not been on the growth chart and FINALLY we hit a milestone! Ok enough of my enthusiasm. But I am one happy mom. Finally she passed her eye and hearing test with flying colors. One funny note, while doing the hearing test Nurse Marsha told her to raise her hand every time she heard the beep. After the third time, Nurse Marsha ask her if she heard it again and Madyson looked at her and said " I have alread done it three times" We both just started laughing and her hearing test came to an end. She is such a prissy thing. Even her teacher told me that yesterday. Andrew says I have created a monster. I say I have created the Prissiest Girl ever!! She likes anything that has to with girls, especially Prissy girls!! Madyson will also be seeing a therapist because she is pulling her hair out. Yes, she has pulled all of it out from the back and is working on the front. Before long she will be completely hairless. She is big time into covering it up and wants to wear hats every where we go. Thus the increased focus on hats and other accessories.

Now onto Miles!!

At birth, he weighed 2lbs. 14oz. and was 14 1/2 inches long. He was the longest and weighed the most. And has been that way every since birth. He is going to be on tall kiddo. The doctor told me yesterday that if he where to stop climbing on the growth chart, which is not going to happen, he would be at least 5' 10" tall when he stops growing. But over the past year he has made some leaps and bounds on the growth chart and has made it to the 50th percentile for height. Now I know that may not be much to some of you. But I have never had a child in the 50th percentile for height. So I was SUPER excited. I knew he was getting tall but I had no idea he had grown so much over the last year. He went from the 30th percentile to the 50th. Ok so here are his stats. He officially weighs 36lbs. and is 42 1/2 inches tall. He did not pass his eye test so we will be seeing the eye doctor sooner rather than later. We still see the eye doctor once a year for being preemies and we are scheduled to see him in October but we will be seeing him in September now. I will let you know how that goes.

Before I move onto Marshall does anyone know what birth order I did??


Madyson was "baby D", Mckenzie "was Baby C", Miles was "baby B", and Marshall was "baby A". Everyone always thinks Miles was "baby A" because he is bigger, but no he was "b", I remember his birth by laughter from all the nurses and Dr. Tabor. Miles made sure his plumbing worked. And as I learned on Thursday afternoon his plumbing still works. You will ALL find this funny. I picked them up from school by parking the car on the street that goes to our house then walking to the school because I was running late and did not have time to get across the street and walk back. Anyway, after I picked them up we got in the van and came home. I was trying to unlock the door and I hear Bradley and Brent laughing and yelling at me to turn around. I turned around to find Miles and Marshall water my grass with their "PLUMBING" Miles had his pants dropped to his ankles while Marshall just had it pulled out. To make matters worse they were not facing the house they were both facing the street so that anyone who drove by could see them. I was so embarrassed. I am sure my face was blood red. But as my doctor said yesterday "BOYS WILL BE BOYS" And I have 4 so I should be blessed that I have never seem Brent and Bradley do it. I am sure they have just not in front of me.

And Finally Marshall!!

He weighed 2lbs 10 oz. at birth and was 14 inches long. We always called him "our little old man" because he still had a ton of soft white hair all over his body. He did not liked to be messed with. I remember nurse Courtney always suctioning Marshall out while he was on the C-Pap. I would come in to that boy screaming at the top of his little lungs. And yes, he could scream loud. Nothing compared to his sisters whom you could hear all over the NICU, but he still had a loud cry. Marshall is not going to be much taller than Madyson. POOR BOY! Boys are not suppose to be this small if he continues on the same growth pattern he will be 5'5" and 125lbs. Now he has falling slightly off the growth curve so our doctor wants him to see the endocrinologist again and make sure nothing is going on. Madyson already seems him so he is just going to go when Mady goes in a few weeks. She thinks he may want to put him on growth hormones as well. If so it is no biggie. We already have Madyson on them and look what it has done for her. Marshall weighs 32lbs. and is 39 1/4 inches. Maybe next year he will be able to ride all the water slides. Miles is the only one who currently can and he loves it. He rides everyone of the slides and laughs all the way down. That doesn't surprise me since he has that dare devil look in his eyes. Madyson and Marshall love the kiddie area but are scared to go down in other slides. That again is not surprise they have always been that way. Besides going to the endocrinologist Marshall is in excellent condition and had no other problems.

Brent and Bradley go for their 9 year well checks next Friday so I will update you all then on their check ups. Have a good weekend!!

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