Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. We went to Hawaiian Falls today and this is how it all went down!!

I have always thought Miles would be my adventurous child. All summer long he has been going to the water park and having a blast in the kiddie area. He is not afraid of any of the slides in there and will play for hours. On his birthday he adventured out more and road the "big kid" rides, granted there is not many but he still road them. All week long he has been asking me to go to Hawaiian Falls, he wanted to go there instead of school one day!!LOL!! So today the last day they are opened, we went and he had a blast along with the other kids.

Brent and Bradley are at the age they really don't want to hang out with mom so they took off with their cousin Abby and Abby's cousin Drake. So that left Miles, Papa, and me to ride the "big kid" rides. We started out on the slides that everyone could ride just outside the kiddie area. This was the first time I had been on these slides so I figured they where not much to worry about since any size child could ride them. It started out with my dad going down so he could be at the end when all the kids came down. Well he got stuck going down so I figured ok, this is more for the little guys. Next all the kids went down and they went down slow. When it was my turn, I literally flew down that slide. When I got to the end my dad said I came down the fastest. Well that would be my first and last time on the slide it scared me to death. I would have thought Madyson would have gone the fastest but I was wrong.

After that we took off to the wave pool for some more adventure!! Marshall was jumping in the waves and going underwater like a little fish. He has become very adventurous in the water the past few weeks and has showed a big interest in diving off the side and swimming to one of us. So today was no different, except he was jumping belly and face first into the water. The kid can do some major belly flops!LOL! I wish I would have had a water camera with me. Just imagine a little boy his size doing belly flops and you will just laugh thinking about it. Madyson had fun in the wave pool until the waves started crashing against her inner tube at that point she decided she would just watch from the side. The waves where no challenge to Miles he kept trying to go further into the water. Marshall started jumping the waves and then jumping into the waves face down. It was hilarious.

After that we decided to go ride "the toilet" or the correct name would be "Blow Hole Bowl" but the kids renamed it "the toilet" Gotta give them an "A" for that because it does look like a toilet bowl when standing at the top looking down. Miles road with me and Brent road with Papa, that left Abby to ride by themselves. We all had a competition to see who could go around the longest. Miles and I went around 1 complete time then got flushed down on our second round. We went down backwards and Miles laughed all the way down. Abby went around 2 times and then Brent and Papa won the reward they went around a full 4 TIMES! I think that is a record!! Anyway we all had a blast. After that it was time for a break and to each some lunch. While eating lunch all the kids keep going back and forth to the slide we started out with. Now I am pretty sure Miles was cutting because he managed to make it down faster than anyone else. I finally ask him and he told me "YES" like it was no big deal so we had a talk about waiting our term and not cutting in line in front of someone else.

Finally we where off to the "orange slide" that Miles had been begging me to ride. He would have been happy with just riding that because he had Mommy to ride with him. Him and I went down the orange slide and we both laughed all the way down. After that adventure it was time to get everyone together and leave. That was fun because as soon as I would have 4 one would leave to go find the other and then someone else would return. I finally told the 4 to stand still and the 5 would eventually come back. I think it was all a trick just to go ride one more ride!!LOL!! I have to give it to them they are all smart.

They will probably get one more chance to go to the park in a few weeks. Our school district is having a school Olympics there for elementary and intermediate students so we are going to try and go to that. That should be fun.

We are now resting and going swimming at the pool when Andrew gets home. Well at least the kids and Andrew are going. I think I might stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet for a short period of time.

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