Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Boys Go to Church Camp

This was the first year the boys were old enough to go to church camp and stay the night. Monday morning they where both excited and nervous but that tone quickly changed when they saw the charter bus they got to ride on to camp. They did not call home once and being this was the first time away from home without being with someone in our family I was very surprised. Wednesday night I got a call from my sister saying she had received a text message from one of the counselors and that the boys where having a blast. They got up everyone morning before everyone else and headed out to go fishing before breakfast. And every chance they had they where either fishing, canoeing, or kayaking. Friday when the bus arrived back to the church ever counselor told me they where a joy to be around and that the kept them laughing. They apparently have stories to tell of the Turner twins for years!! Brent had Bradley convinced that fish liked Oreo Cookies. So they got an empty bottle smash up oreos in it and where going to cath minnows with it. That is what one of the counselors told me. They also learned the art of selling candy. All the kids apparently where selling their candy but my boys were making profits off of selling gummy bears!! Those are just a few of the stories I have heard. Besides the fact they both caught frogs and thought they were bringing them home. When Mr. Brandon told them to let them gently go back in the water he turned around and one of the boys was pitching the poor frog in the air back into the water. That's my boys!! Now being their first time to go to camp I really did not expect to see many of their clothes return home. But to my surprise they did, and I have had to wash them 2-3 times to get the smell of I don't know what out of them. I have seriously thought about tossing them or burning them. And just think I have three more that in 3 years will be able to go to camp. That should scare all of us!!LOL!! When I get their pictures developed I will share them with you. If there are any that are good. Their is no telling what they took pictures off. That in itself scares me!! I am just glad they had a great time on thier first official trip away from home.

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JAMIE'S CREW said...

Sounds like good summer fun to me! Jason went to sleep - away camp this year too. He was gone 6 days. He texted each night - but had a great time - and I don't really think he was ready to come home!