Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where has the Summer Gone!

Sorry it has been a while since I posted. As normal we have had a busy and crazy summer. We have been remodeling the upstairs since the great bathroom flood in May so that has kept us busy along with the kids. Five years ago today I was in the hospital waiting delivery of the quads. This was the day I talked poor Dr. Tabor into letting me go home as long as I promised to stay in bed and stay on my monitor. Since it was just a few days before Brent and Bradley's Birthday. I bet he never let's another woman convince him to let her go home when she is 28 weeks pregnant with quads. The next day prove to be an adventure with me being sick as a dog all day and having awful back pains. But the monitor only showed irratibility so I did not have to go back to the hospital. By the morning of the 12th things where very different I was on my way to his office and was told I was going nowhere unti those 4 babies where born. I remember sitting in his office trying to convince him to take 20 week quads becuase I was so HUGE and miserable (refer to the picture in a previous post) Well he admitted me and much to his dismay he delivered 4 babies later that night. Marshall was born first at 8:40pm weighing 2lbs. 10oz. 14 inches long, then came Miles, he made a grand entrance showing everyone that his bladder worked just fine and even got to squirt Dr. Tabor. He was born at 8:41 weighing 2lbs. 14oz. 14 1/2 inches long. Then was our first precious girl Mckenzie born at 8:42 weighing in at 21bs. 1oz 12 1/2 inches long. Then came the our final baby girl Madyson the smallest weighing 1lb 14.7 oz and was 12 inches long. Madyson was so small that the preemie pacifiers they had where to big so my dad bought her a special preemie pacifer from the gift shop. Today has brought back many memories of the two days to come. We had all of their parties yesterday at Hawiian Falls and they all had a blast. I will share pics when I have a chance to upload them. We will be having a family party of Tuesday for the big 5 year olds, as they tell me, and Andrew and I will also be celebrating our 13 year anniversary. I don't know which is scarier the fact that my babies are not babies anymore and are going to start kindgergarten or the fact that we have been married 13 years!!

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Brandy said...

Time sure does fly, remember being admitted to the hospital and being told about the Lady who just had Quads and she did not find out about it until the end of her pregnancy. I cant believe we have known each other for almost 5 years now. We had a blast yesterday and cant wait to celebrate my guys birthday with ya'll.

Love Ya'll