Monday, August 18, 2008

We are ready for Kindergarten

Today I took Miles, Marshall, and Madyson to have their pre-assessment for Kindergarten. All three teachers said there is not doubt they are ready to start school on Monday. They are all three very excited. Wednesday night we get to meet their teachers. Madyson is hoping she gets the same kindergarten teacher that Brent had, I am hoping for that as well. All of our kinder teachers are awesome but it would be nice to have a teacher that we have already had. Plus her girls dance at the same studio as Mady so she is use to prissy little girls!!LOL!! And boy do I have one of those. She has to take her purse every where we go and sometimes I have to take my matching purse because we have to match!LOL! The joy of having a prissy little girl. So many of you may be wondering about the hair loss on the back of Madyson's hair. Tomorrow we go see the dermatologist to see what is going on. Our pediatrician thinks it is either a fungal infection or something else medical. At first I thought one of the boys had cut her hair but more started falling out and it was not like it was when she pulled it out so we went to see our wonderful pediatrician and she got us in to see the dermatologist tomorrow morning. My wonderful friends online are sending us some hats to wear until her hair grows back. I will share pics when we get them. She gets to wear them to school so that will be good. At least we can cover up the bald spot on the back of her head that way. Everyone should be proud of me. I have been doing really good at blogging lately. Know I would not count on that staying up but for now I have done a good job. Look for first day pics next Monday.


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