Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer is here!!

Well summer is finally here and we have been super busy. I have not had time to post pictures form kindergarten graduation or 4th grade graduation but hopefully this weekend I can get to that. Brent and Bradley are off to church camp and I am sure their counselor will have tons of stories for me. He told me he was taking a journal so he can blog about it next week. I will be sure to include a link to his blog. So far we have gone to the water park, I got burned, every one else was fine. Go figure. I am the one who always tans!! Last week the boys had swim practice every morning so we got up and went to Fort Worth for Practice and then on Thursday they had their first meet. They did very well for thier first meet. I will share pictures with you of that as well. This week it is just Miles, Marshall, and Madyson so we have been having some fun times together. Yesterday we went to my friend Brandy's and went swimming with her and her kiddos (who are the same age) and then we came home and read books and "played school" they love to write in the journal's I bought them for the summer. They also like to color and practice writing and reading. Each week we go to 1/2 price books and get a gift card for reading the previous week. They enjoy getting to pick out new books each week. Although it can turn into a nightmare when 5 kids are all trying to pick out books. They have learned if they go to the clearance section they can possible get 3 books instead of one. So they aim to fine the dollar books! It is pretty funny watching them pick up a book and if it is not a dollar they will most of the time put it back, at least the three little ones will. That is pretty much all I have to report right now. I need to upload pictures for everyone to see their graduation. It was very sweet.


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